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Hi, I'm Rob and I work as a performance consultant and coach. I work one to one with athletes of all levels, teaching them how to find and regain more confidence and consistency in their performance. I'm passionate about helping you, because I know what its like to face challenges, doubts and setbacks. But I also know the power of resilience, determination, and self-belief. I want to share what I've learned with you and help you achieve your own journey of success.



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Achieve Your Goals with Science-Backed Technology and My Core Holistic Approach

Who I Work With

Choosing the right coach is about more than just technical expertise—it's about finding someone who shares your values and is committed to your growth, both on and off the field. At Elite Performance, I prioritize working with athletes who are dedicated to learning, improving, and growing as individuals beyond their sport.


Outcome: Master Your Mental Game

Develop a growth mindset

Cultivate resilience, optimism, and adaptability to overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities for growth.


Enhance emotional intelligence

Increase self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation to navigate challenges and build stronger relationships.

Improve focus and concentration

Sharpen your mental focus, enhance concentration, and maintain peak performance under pressure.


Achieve peak performance

Unleash your full potential and achieve your goals with confidence, clarity and purpose.


With Sports Neurofeedback and HRV Monitoring Technology

One of the key aspects of my approach is the integration of high-spec technology, including Sports Neurofeedback and HRV monitoring. These tools provide real-time feedback that can improve your ability to maintain composure, even in the face of overwhelming pressure.

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State of the Art HRV Training for High-Pressure Moments

We take high-pressure moments to a whole new level with state-of-the-art HRV (Heart Rate Variability) training. Witness the incredible composure of a skilled golfer sinking a crucial putt, a testament to the power of HRV training in maintaining peak performance under pressure. Our cutting-edge techniques empower athletes like never before, enabling them to remain calm, focused, and in control when it matters most. Discover how we harness the science of HRV to help you excel in the most intense competitive situations, ensuring that every moment becomes an opportunity for success.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Assessment

Gain insights into your mental and physiological states through HRV and EI Assessments.


Personalised Approach

Receive customized support and guidance, tailored to your unique needs, goals and challenges.


Ongoing Support

Access weekly consultations and continued coaching for sustained growth and development.


Track Record of Success:

Our proven track record of success speaks for itself. We have helped countless athletes and high-performing individuals achieve their goals and reach new heights of success.


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Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Whether you're an athlete striving for greatness or a business professional seeking to excel, Elite Performance is here to support you every step of the way. Together, let's unlock your potential and embark on a journey to success.

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