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Thriving Under Pressure

Master the Art of Skill Execution 

Elite Athlete Skill Execution

In the world of elite sports, closed skill execution is a high-stakes endeavor. The ability to perform with precision, focus, and consistency is what sets champions apart. Yet, with this precision comes immense pressure and stress. This is where I come in.


As a performance coach, I've had the privilege of working closely with professional Rugby players and golfers, helping them master the art of skill execution under intense pressure.

The Pressure

The world of professional sports demands nothing less than perfection. Athletes face unrelenting pressure and stress, often in the most critical moments. Closed skill execution, whether it's a crucial penalty kick in Rugby or a make-or-break putt in golf, requires a unique set of mental skills and resilience.

My Journey and Expertise

My journey in the realm of sports performance coaching has led me to develop a profound understanding of the mental challenges elite athletes face. Through extensive research and hands-on experience, I've honed my expertise in helping athletes excel under the most demanding circumstances.

The Role of Technology

One of the key aspects of my approach to closed skill execution is, the integration of wearable measurement tools, including Sports Neurofeedback and HRV monitoring. These tools provide real-time feedback that help to teach you how to develop a routine and maintain composure, even in the face of overwhelming pressure.

Start Today

If you're an elite athlete looking to excel in closed skill execution and rise to the occasion when it matters most, my coaching can help you unlock your full potential. My personalized approach, backed by cutting-edge technology, is designed to equip you with the mental skills and resilience needed to thrive under pressure.


Rugby Player

From working with Rob over the last few years I like to feel I've managed to reach new levels of performance that I knew I had within, yet I did not know how to unlock. Through Rob's various approaches I gained a better self-awareness of my thoughts, how I think and ultimately tools to enable me to control my emotions better. All of this aided me to perform better when I need to.


Jack Carty: Irish Rugby

Take the First Step

Ready to elevate your performance and conquer the pressures of closed skill execution? Let's work together to achieve your goals. Whether you're a professional Rugby player, a golfer eyeing the championship, or an athlete in any other discipline, the mental game is a vital component of success.

Focused Golfer

Schedule a Consultation 

Join me on the path to peak performance. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, seize the opportunities, and ensure that when the moment arrives, you execute flawlessly.

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