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Mindset Mastery is an 8 week program designed to help teenagers handle the ever demanding pressure and set backs that they face both in sports and life.


In the journey to become top athletes, young sports enthusiasts often grapple with intense emotions and pressures. The quest to excel in sports and life can be overwhelming, especially without the right tools to navigate the internal landscape of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. My Mindset Mastery program is tailored to guide young athletes in understanding and managing these challenges, using proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.


Understanding the Emotional Rollercoaster

Young athletes frequently face a storm of emotions – from the highs of victory to the lows of performance anxiety and fear of failure. Navigating these emotions is crucial not just for sporting success, but for overall happiness and mental well-being.

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How Can I Help?

1. CBT Techniques: I teach teenagers how to identify and reframe negative thought patterns, fostering a healthier and more positive mindset.

2. Mindfulness Practices: Through mindfulness, kids learn to stay present, focused, and calm, both on and off the field.

3. Inner Values and Belief Systems: My program emphasizes self-awareness and the development of core personal values, moving away from external validation.

Pain Points Addressed:

- Overwhelming stress and anxiety about performance.

- Struggling with the emotional ups and downs of competition.

- Dependency on external validation for self-worth.

- Difficulty in balancing sports, academics, and personal life.

Benefits of Early Support:

1. Resilience Building: Learning to manage emotions and stress at a young age equips kids with resilience that benefits all areas of life.

2. Enhanced Performance: A balanced and positive mindset directly contributes to improved performance in sports.

3. Inner Validation: Developing a strong sense of self-worth independent of external achievements.

4. Life-Long Skills: The skills learned extend beyond sports, aiding in academic pursuits, personal relationships, and future career challenges.

We have known Rob Kelly for the past couple of months.. We contacted him as we wanted to support our children to achieve their sporting potential, by introducing them to the mental and psychological tools, that can be used in collaboration with their physical efforts.

We would like to highly recommend Rob to anyone, of any age, who wants to take responsibility for

fulfilling their full potential in life. ( not just in sport )

Our children really look forward to their sessions with Rob. They always come out after seeing him, with a smile on their faces, with new objectives for the week and with a hunger and an understanding of how to achieve their potential, not only in sport, but in life in general. They never would want to miss one of their "sessions" with Rob.

He has given them ( and continues to ), the tools to achieve their potential and goals. He has helped

them to set and define realistic and achievable goals.

Rob has met with us, as parents, before and during the course of the sessions with our children. He has been 100% open and honest and approachable. We feel that we can ask and address anything relating to our children's progress and needs etc., with him.

Most of all, our children have the utmost respect for, and think very very highly of Rob. They look

forward to seeing him. They think he is, in their own words, " so sound " and "he helps us a lot ".

Although it is us who initiated the first contact with Rob for our children, it is our children now who want

to continue to have this contact with Rob. They value his contribution to their continued sporting

successes. What is so nice too, is that Rob, is very happy for them and congratulatory towards them for

their continued successes also.

Rob is one of the good guys in our world. Thank you, Rob.

From the parents of adolescent boys who have been attending Rob Kelly ( on a weekly basis ) for the

past number of months. 

Alexa Young, CA

The Mindset Mastery program for young athletes is more than just about excelling in sports; it's about building a foundation for life-long happiness, resilience, and self-fulfillment.

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