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Elite Performance: Unlock Your Youth Athlete's Full Potential

Empower Your Youth Athlete for Success

Welcome to Elite Performance, where I believe that a strong mind is the key to unlocking your youth athlete's full potential. As an experienced Elite Sports Performance Mind Coach, I am dedicated to helping young athletes excel in their sports journey.


At Elite Performance, I understand the unique challenges faced by youth athletes. I work closely with each athlete to develop their mental resilience, focus, and confidence, enabling them to perform at their absolute best.

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Why Choose Elite Performance?

Proven Results: I have a track record of success, helping numerous youth athletes achieve breakthrough performances and personal growth.


Tailored Approach: I understand that every athlete is unique. I take the time to get to know your child, their goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. Together, we create a personalised coaching plan that fits their specific needs.


Mental Skills Development: I go beyond physical training to focus on the mental aspects of sports. My coaching programs equip young athletes with powerful techniques to overcome self-doubt, handle pressure situations, and maintain peak performance.


Flexible and Convenient: I understand the demands of busy schedules. My coaching sessions can be conducted online, providing flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of the coaching experience.


Trusted Expertise: With years of experience as an Elite Sports Performance Mind Coach, I bring a deep understanding of the sports psychology field. I employ proven strategies and techniques to support your child's growth and success.

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About Rob Kelly:

Your Elite Sports Performance Mind Coach

Hello, I'm Rob Kelly, a qualified, licensed, and insured professional sports mind coach at Elite Performance. I am passionate about helping athletes unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams in sports.


With a deep understanding of the power of the mind in athletic performance, I am currently finishing my Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology. My dedication to advancing my knowledge ensures that I bring the latest research and techniques to my coaching practice.


I am proud of the proven results I have achieved with athletes of all levels in a wide variety of sports. From beginners to elite athletes, I excel in bringing individuals and teams to the next level of performance. My commitment to results has led me to work with esteemed clients such as Connacht Rugby, Galway GAA, Galway FA, University Galway and many more.


At Elite Performance, I believe in the transformative power of a strong mind. I am passionate about helping athletes develop the mental resilience, focus, and confidence necessary for success. Whether it's overcoming self-doubt, managing pressure, or maintaining peak performance, I provide personalised coaching to meet the unique needs of each athlete.


My ultimate goal is to see individuals and teams achieve their dreams at all levels of sports. I am committed to working closely with athletes, empowering them to reach their highest potential and exceed their own expectations.


When you choose Elite Performance, you are choosing a dedicated sports mind coach who is driven by results and fueled by the success of athletes like you.


Let's unlock your full potential and embark on a journey to greatness together.

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We have known Rob Kelly for the past couple of months.  We contacted him as we wanted to support our children to achieve their sporting potential, by  introducing  them to  the mental and psychological tools, that can be used in collaboration with their physical  



We would like to highly recommend Rob to anyone, of any age, who wants to take responsibility for fulfilling their full potential in life. ( not just in sport )  


Our children really look forward to their sessions with Rob. They always come out after seeing him, with a smile on their faces , with new objectives for the week and with a hunger and an understanding of how to achieve their potential, not only in sport , but in life in general. They never would want to miss one of their "sessions" with Rob.


He has given them ( and continues to ),   the tools to achieve their  potential and goals . He has helped them to set  and define  realistic and achievable  goals.


He is an extremely supportive and effective  mentor,and  has set out an individual / tailored programme for each of our children.  He is a great great listener. He is perceptive and empathetic in his approach.


Rob has been very accessible and available to us as parents, and our children and is flexible in when he can meet them. His guidance to our children has been age appropriate and  has been led by both us and them . 


Rob has met with us, as parents , before and during the course of the sessions with our children .  He has been 100% open and honest and approachable . We feel that we can ask and address anything relating to our childrens progress and needs etc., wth him.  


Most of all, our children have the utmost respect for, and think very very highly of Rob. They look forward to seeing him.They think he is , in their own words , " so sound " and  "he helps us a lot ".  Although it is us who initiated the first contact with Rob for our children, it is our children now who want to continue to have this contact with Rob. They value his contribution to their continued sporting successes. What is so nice too, is that Rob , is very happy for them,  and congratulatory towards them for their continued successes also.  


Rob is one of the good guys in our world. Thank you Rob.


From the parents of adolescent boys who have been attending Rob Kelly ( on a weekly basis )  for the past number of months.

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