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Rob Kelly - High Performance Consultant

I work with Professional & Elite Amateur Athletes that are looking to access greater levels of consciousness in an effort to bring more consistency to their performance. Having worked in a background of closed-skill performance, I understand the pressure that is involved and endured with those who take the responsibility and journey to find their ultimate potential. They face physical, emotional and mental strain often on a daily basis and will come to me with the recognition, that to perform at their best consistently, they need the support of a coach who can understand their patterns of thinking and behaving on all levels.

I work best with the athlete that fundamentally understands, that their is more to their performance then their physical & technical training. For me, success has always been built upon the strength of the relationships I have been fortunate enough to make with my clients. I use a combination of Neurofeedback, Clinical Sports Hypnosis and Elite Sports Mind Coaching with my clients.

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From working with Rob over the last few years I like to feel I've managed to reach new levels of performance that I knew I had within, yet I did not know how to unlock. Through Rob's various approaches I gained a better self-awareness of my thoughts, how I think and ultimately tools to enable me to control my emotions better. All of this aided me to perform better when I need to.

Jack Carty - IRISH RUGBY

dave heffernan.jpg

Rob has been a great help to me over the years, particularly with my throwing/ closed skill work. I have improved in my ability to focus and move on quickly from mistakes with his help, which are both crucial skills in elite sports of any kind. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to gain a mental edge in their sport.

Dave Heffernan - Irish Rugby


I first contacted Rob from a long list of potential mind coaches that I had compiled. After interviewing with them I elected to work with Rob for several reasons. These included feeling that this was more than a job, but more of a passion for him and importantly that he employed tools to measure progress and results. I am an analytical thinker so I liked that Rob offered what his peers seemed to lack (for me) and that was a progressive measured environment that could be adapted from data feedback to help refine the outcome I was after. I have worked with Rob now for almost a year and it has been a life changing experience. The sessions were more intense early on as you would expect which, evolved into a more maintenance routine a few months later after I had largely been able to attain the targets, we had set together for me to achieve. My reasons for contacting Rob were driven initially from wanting to improve my cognitive processing speed in dangerous high-pressure situations. As a motorcycle racer being calm and managing fear while processing split second decisions well is a must – your life depends on it. However, to help me achieve my goals, my interactions with Rob were much more life and personality inclusive and in general and we delved into these in much greater detail than I had ever imagined would be necessary. I came to learn that knowing your mental drivers and habits of thought is essential to unlocking your own true potential. Rob was exploratory and challenging in a caring and compassionate way and helped me navigate my own complexities while providing me the tools to help me reach my aims. It is easy to trust Rob and find a connection with him. I have chosen to remain engaged with Rob, speaking with him once a month now even though I manage my mind performance daily using the tools I have learned from him. I have no doubt that as I prepare for bigger race events or extreme adventures, I will engage more frequently with Rob to help me prepare mentally for these immediate challenges. I have no reservations in recommending Rob, he has a unique, professional, and caring approach to helping others achieve their true potential.

Warren Malschinger: Retired owner of EquityBridge Asset Management. Owner of Rust Sports Media, Motorcycle Racer and Extreme Adventurer.

Elite Sports Mind Coaching: Testimonials

Jack Carty - Sports Neurofeedback '2019

Working on accessing the subconscious Mind through the use of Sports Neurofeedback to test & train a high performance routine

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David Mortimer - PGA PRO

David is working on accessing that subconscious mind and remaining in a heightened state of awareness & flow during his high performance routine.

Elite Sports Mind Coaching: Video
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