Athlete Performance Mind Coaching is my unique form of performance psychology. I combine a range of strategic skills from Holistic to Scientific, to teach Athletes and Performers, both Amateur & Professional how to access higher levels of Consciousness & Peak Performance states consistently. 

My Role as an Athlete Performance Mind Coach

  • Are you an Amateur or Professional Athlete that has come so close to achieving your dreams only to fall short at the finishing line?
  • Are you an Athlete that has experienced heartache, Self-doubt, loss of Confidence........
  • Are you someone that has had to question your future, yet some part of you has told you to keep going.....to keep fighting.....to keep searching for new ways to improve.

  • I know what it feels like to have a dream and to begin to question if its really even possible.
  • I know what it feels like to experience the joy that comes with success but also the pain that comes with failure.....
  • I know what it feels like to experience heart-ache, loss of confidence, self-doubt and all of the judgement that comes with it.

If you have been searching for new ways to help you gain that mental edge over your competition, than look no further.

I work with Athletes that are driven to find success even in the face of failure.
I will teach you how to access higher levels of Consciousness & Peak Performance consistently.
I will teach you how to recognise & release any mental barriers or blocks that are unconsciously preventing you from making all of your winning dreams a reality.

I work with Athletes that know deep down, "To be the Best", is all they have ever wanted...

I will utilise many strategic skills from Clinical Sports Hypnosis, Sports Neuro-Feedback, High Performance Energy Work & Elite Sports Mind Coaching, which will leave you feeling stronger & more Confident than ever before,  on a physical, mental & even emotional level.

Together we will work on developing your core strengths. Your goals will become my goals and we will uncover any unconscious limiting belief or mental barrier that is holding you back from reaching your full potential. We will harness your unique gifts and use them to bring you success both Personally & Professionally.

If you understand, or,  you are beginning to understand, that fundamentally there is more to world class talent than technical skill & effort, than you are ready to learn the role your Mind plays in creating your success.

I will teach you how to,

  • Enhance your learning processes & motor skills

  • Cope with competitive pressures

  • Fine-tune the level of awareness needed for optimal performance

  • And stay focused amid the many distractions of team travel &  high pressure environments

The skills you will learn can be used successfully to:

  • Control anxiety levels

  • Regulate Concentration

  • Stimulate the Winning Mind-Set

  • Increase Adrenaline Levels

  • Create inner confidence and blast any self doubt, past failures or mind-set that can interfere with physical performance & mental focus.

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