Success in golf depends less on strength of body more on strength of mind and character” – Arnold Palmer



Golfers carry more baggage on the golf course than the golf bag. Unrealistic expectations, fear about poor play and the memory of failed shots and lost opportunities can wreak havoc with your game plan.

Better results on the golf course can start now

There is most definitely no doubt that having a solid golf swing is an essential ingredient to playing good golf, but it is not the key to shooting lower scores. The real secret to improving your golf game, comes from an ability to manage your thoughts and emotions. It is a well known fact that thoughts in your head cause physical reactions in your body, such as tension when you have an outcome thought coupled with an emotion like fear or worry. The body always responds to the images in your mind. Therefore, you must learn how to use your mind to the best of its ability in order to get the body to perform to the best of its ability also(your golf swing).

Guided Imagery or Sports Hypnosis has been proven to be the fastest way to improve your golf game. Sports Hypnosis for golf is not "mind control", rather it is a feeling of "relaxed concentration", with the body relaxed and the mind focused. From time to time in golf you may have experienced short periods of playing "in the zone". You have a fantastic round playing almost effortlessly, not realising the experience as hypnotic(very little if any conscious effort to control your game). An example from your daily life would be....have you ever driven your car home from work without thinking about how you got there. You left work with the conscious thought/target "home" and then you relinquished control to your subconscious mind to take over. You were in a state of relaxed concentration, where there was no conscious effort to control your driving, you weren't telling yourself what to do! In golf, the zone happens when your performance is directed by your subconscious mind. When you play "in the zone", you experience a more fluid, effortless swing.

The Subconscious mind is a part of the mind that controls physical movement like breathing, you heartbeat and yes your golf swing! Sometimes you have to get out of the way of the conscious thought and direct control to the subconscious. It is said that the average person only uses 10% of their brain power. This is otherwise known as the conscious mind. It is the part of the brain that carries out everyday tasks like, "choosing what clothes to wear", "what to eat for breakfast", "what film to go and see in the cinema" etc. It is the critical, analytical part of the brain. In order for us to be able to access the other 90% of brain power left in our subconscious mind, we have to learn how to bypass the critical, analytical conscious mind. This can be achieved through forms of "relaxed concentration", such as Guided Imagery or Sports Hypnosis. We are allowing the brain to be updated with new positive suggestions. With these suggestions, we can update new ideas to increase Focus, Confidence, Positive Self-Talk and greatly enhanced Superior Performance. The subconscious mind takes over and allows you to execute your swing with complete confidence. 

To play excellent golf, you have to "turn off" the conscious mind and let the subconscious mind swing the club. Your subconscious mind has access to that 90% of brain power. It knows how to swing the golf club, just like it knows how to drive you home after work. You don't have to consciously tell yourself how to drive your car, your driving is wired into your subconscious and so too is your golf swing. When you are tense on the golf course, you are using mainly the conscious mind, trying to control the swing. Can you remember when you learned how to drive. In the beginning you were tense and you were consciously trying to drive the car and then as you got more experience, all of a sudden, you were able to loosen up and let go of that tension. What changed? What changed was that you relinquished control to your subconscious mind and you were able to go into a state of "relaxed concentration", where there was no longer a need for any conscious effort to control your driving.  In golf when you learn the essential skills needed to relax and clear your mind of distracting thoughts, you let the subconscious mind swing the club and your score improves greatly.

So you now know that controlling your mind is the key to great golf, your thoughts of winning are important, but only before the competition. Once you are out on the course, the only focus should be on one shot at a time. Thoughts of winning or obsessing on the last shot, next shot or how others are playing, take the focus of your game(this is conscious effort/distraction). You need to be totally focused on the process of the swing itself and not on the outcome of the swing. You need to learn the ability to stay present in the moment. When you enter this state of consciousness time seems to disappear. Usual distractions vanish and you feel in a flow or "in the zone". Your game becomes effortless.  

Through my elite performance coaching I will teach you how to manage anxiety, poor performance and set-backs as they occur. I will also teach you how to enter the Zone consistently so you can Perform at your best consistently. The aim is to help you begin to relish the challenges that top level playing offers you. But most of all, mental coaching is all about where to keep your focus of attention. Once you are focused on your target to the exclusion of everything else then you can reach your peak performance consistently.

Watch the video below of Tiger when he was at his best and how he speaks about his Mental Focus. Pay close attention to his description of how he feels when he enters the Zone, "he gets out of his own way(no conscious effort) & lets all the practice he's done take over"(relinquishes control to his subconscious mind) . Also you will hear him talk about "Creative Imagination", something everyone can learn to tap into with the help of a Mind Performance Coach.