Visualisation & the Power of Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis plays a big part in the work that I do with Athletes. If you ever asked an Elite Athlete about Visualisation, they would tell you that it is an essential part of their daily routine regardless of what sport they play. Visualisation is like a mental rehearsal to help you create the Winning Mindset prior to competition. It is an extremely valuable tool used to help get you primed and ready to enter the “Zone”, quickly and effortl...essly.
There are two parts to everyone’s brain, the Practising brain and the Playing brain. The practicing brain is the learning or Logical brain (left side). This side is responsible for you being,
• Logical
• Critical
• Analytical
• Planning
• Tactical
• Strategic
• And Time based thinking…. both Past & Future
Then there is your Playing brain or your Creative brain (right side). This side is responsible for your,
• Automatic & Habitual responses
• Your Triggers & Anchors
• It’s your Intuitive & Creative side
• It’s the side of you that has Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic automatic responses.
• And it’s the side of you that has Non-Verbal Understanding
So, with that in mind and you know how important Visualisation is for helping Elite Athletes reach Peak Performance States, then just imagine how powerful that Visualisation would be if it was practised at an Unconscious level.....And that is where the Success of Sports Hypnosis comes in to play. Sports Hypnosis can be used to narrow down your focus of attention, so much so that you can quite or switch off that part of your mind that is constantly Analysing & Criticising and creating time based thinking (conscious mind). When you achieve this through Hypnosis, it then leaves you with the opportunity to connect directly with your Unconscious Mind, where you create all your Automatic & Habitual Responses. When you can train your Unconscious Mind to see these new improvements to your physical technique and your Mental Technique through Guided Visualisation, then you are creating new Automatic Responses for you to have in situations, where you may have for example:
• A lack of Confidence
• A feeling of anxiety over your performance
• A mental Block due to an Internal or External distraction
• A Fear of Failure
• Trouble with Focus & Concentration
• Anger & Frustration Control
• Motivational Issues
Imagine being able to Trigger New Automatic Responses in these situations, it would then lead to you playing your sport of choice at an Instinctive level, leaving it much easier for you to enter the “Zone” and reach Peak Performance States Consistently.
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