Master the Mind - Master the Game

A lot of amateur Golfers tend to watch technical tip after technical tip video, filling their heads with so many possibilities with what could be wrong with their swing, only to be left exhausted & frustrated if they don't see the results they were hoping for!!


 As a Sports Mind Coach my belief is that a lot of golfers are trying to master the game the wrong way. In order to be able to play to the best of your ability you need to master your mental game. Often when an Amateur Golfer hits lets say a bad drive, they immediately begin to analyse what went wrong from a technical point of view, not considering that it may just have been a lapse in mental focus/concentration. So what happens next? You step up on the next Tee-Box telling yourself something like, “keep your head down, keep your left arm straight, bring the club straight back, etc,etc!! This is what I call conscious competence, where you are focusing on internal technical thoughts, which is the last thing that you want to be doing as a golfer. In order to play to the best of your ability with unconscious competence your attention needs to be on the ball, but your focus completely on the target. You need to learn how to quite your mind and bring the image of your target to the forefront of your mind.


 After hitting a poor shot, how many of you ask yourself, was that down to a technical/physical mistake or a lapse of mental focus. You could be constantly trying to fix the wrong aspect of your game. To give yourself the best opportunity for success you need to master the mind in order to master the game. If you have a rock solid mental game then you are giving yourself the best foundations to improve upon. Next time you are out on the course and you hit a bad shot or you are having a bad round, just pay attention to where your mind is and what kind of thoughts you are allowing it to be filled with!

If you think that a strong mental game could be what your game is missing, then send me a message today to find out how sports mind coaching can help you and your game.