About Rob

Rob is a Professional Performance Mind Coach based in Salthill, Galway. He teaches people how to overcome any limiting beliefs or mental barriers that prevent them reaching peak performance states in Sports, Business, Academics & Mental Health. He has a Holistic & Scientific approach to High Performance, specialising in Focus & Awareness Training.

Rob has an Advanced Diploma in Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapy and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sports Mind Coaching. He has Completed Safe Guarding 1 in Child Protection & Awareness. He was awarded a Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate from Dr. Brian Hemmings, Lead Sports Psychologist to the English Golf Team for over 16 years. His training is an approved education programme of the PGA's of Ireland, Great Britain & Europe.

Rob has completed advanced training in Neurofeedback and is the Strategic Business Partner for Focusband & Neuro-Self-Care. He utilises these skills to teach people how to access the power of their subconscious mind with real-time feedback, while training them to bring their brainwaves into a state of coherence, which enables them to access peak performance states consistently.

Rob is continuously updating his skills through further education & research. He is very passionate about Human Behaviour & the workings of the mind.

Rob also works with a small number of clients on educating them how to overcome stress/anxiety & depression. His work always has a strong emphasis on Positive Mental Health. He believes very strongly in the value of teaching people how to accept an experience through educating them on the workings of their conscious & subconscious mind.

While Rob is grateful to have an array of strategic skills to call upon when working with his clients, it is undoubtedly his own life experience that has given him the essential skills and empathy to recognise & relate to any struggles they may be going through, thus making it easier for him to connect with his clients and help them to achieve that potential that they all have.

If you would like to get in touch with Rob to see how he can help you, then please fill out the email contact below.